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  1. My pen has fallen, what now?

    If your pen has fallen and been damaged, please contact our customer service to discuss the situation. We will provide information on any repair options or possible replacements.

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  2. The engraving is discolored.

    The discoloration of the engraving can have various causes, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, or friction. To protect the engraving and prevent discoloration, we recommend cleaning the product regularly with a soft cloth and mild cleaning agents. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals.

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  3. Can I choose a different color refill?

    The pen comes standard with a specific refill, and the corresponding color is indicated in the product specifications. If you wish to have a different color refill, you can order it separately under the "Accessories" section -> "Refills."

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  4. My refill is not coming out of my ballpoint pen, what should I do?

    If the pen's tip has likely been dropped, it may have caused the opening to lose its round shape, causing the refill to get stuck. You can try to reshape the opening by removing the refill and inserting it upside down into the opening, then making a rotating motion.

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  5. I want to update my billing and/or shipping address.

    Please send us an email or contact us by phone to update your billing and/or shipping address. We are happy to assist you in updating your information. You can reach us at info@penshopeurope.com or at +31(0)85-4012699.

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  6. Can I receive an invoice?

    Yes, once you place an order, you will automatically receive the invoice in your email. Additionally, you can download the invoice from your account dashboard. If you need assistance or cannot find the invoice, feel free to contact our customer service. We are here to help.

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  7. What color is the engraving?

    The color of the engraving depends on each individual pen and may therefore vary. The specific color of the engraving is mentioned in the product specifications. Generally, you can assume that a pen with silver tones will have a silver-colored engraving, while a pen with gold tones will have a gold engraving. A steel pen will have a dark engraving.

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  8. Why can't I enter text for engraving?

    If you don't see an option to enter engraving text, it may not be possible to engrave a pen in certain cases due to the material or specific structure of the pen. For this reason, we do not offer the option to engrave pens for which this is technically not possible. However, in all other cases, engraving is always possible, and we provide this service for free! We are, however, available to assist you in finding an alternative pen that can be engraved.

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